My Services

1-2-1 Personal Training

Bespoke plan detailed just for you to reach the goal you have in mind be it; weight loss, gain strength, recover from an injury or increase your athleticism for your sport. I have years of experience and knowledge covering these goals and would love to help you be the best you.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Training & Join The Community

Tired of not seeing or feeling results. This monthly program subscription covers mobility, strength and endurance with an app based program and also follow along coaching with MrFitspiration on @MrFitzTV. So if you are looking for more focus in your training look no further. Whether you’ve been doing the same workouts or lacking progression in your training or maybe just looking for something new then you owe if to yourself to get on a program designed by a fitness professional. The app and follow alongs can be done both at home or in the gym with or without equipment.

Online Coaching

Monthly tailored program specific to your needs and wants with accountability and tools to set you up for success from nutrition to training and beyond.
- You get an easy to use app to access workouts & track progress.

- Detailed exercise descriptions and videos- Variations, alternatives and modifications

- Welcoming, supportive and inclusive community.

It's that extra bit personal an specific with your coach to reach those goals of feeling good and feeling strong